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Our Products

We developed in our workshop in the South West of France a wide range of exceptional delicatessen products. They are all organic certified.

Discover without delay: our essential spice blends to season your sweet and savory dishes, as well as your drinks, our flavored vinegars, our subtle blends of French & foreign salts, our sweet and savory culinary preparations to make you travel without leaving your home, our flavored sugars, our spice blends for cocktails, our raw food, our original and unusual gourmet jams...

For a colorful cuisine, we created a wide range of original and subtle blends to bring an exotic, authentic & innovative touch to your dishes.

Our Spices & Peppers

with authentic flavors

Passionate about innovative cuisine, Au Fil des Saveurs inventes original creations based on spices from around the world. To create each blend, Au Fil des Saveurs only buys the best organic certified whole spices and herbs.

Au Fil des Saveurs creates new flavors mixing between 5 to 20 different spices.
The new recipes are imagined in his laboratory, they are rethinking, experimented, crushed, assembled, tested, modified to propose you the best of them.
All the seeds are ground on a small stone wheel to preserve the flavor of the spices.

We do not use artificial flavors or dyes in our blends.
Each spice is sifted and mixed by hand in very small quantities.


Our organic spice blends for cocktail, wine, rhum arrangé…

Blends of spices, fruit, vegetables, chocolate… to macerate in rum, vodka, tequila, gin to create delicious cocktails… We do not use artificial flavors or dyes in our blends.

Our salty and sweet culinary preparation

Sweet & Salty

Our organic sweet culinary preparation

Delicious tasty recipes to make quickly your homemade cookies or rice pudding.
Our mixes are made with spices, vegetables and naturally gluten free legumes and cereals. For pastries, everything is in the bottle. You just have to add a few water and oil. For rice pudding, you will add milk or the non-dairy drink of your choice.

  • Raw Cocoa & Ginger Cookies
  • Raw Cocoa & Fleur de sel Cookies
  • Raw Cocoa, orange & gingerbread spices cookies
  • Almond & Spices Cookies
  • Almond & Raw Cocoa Beans Cookies
  • Chocolate Cookies
  • Almond & Peanuts Cookies
  • Canistrelli with anise

Rice Pudding

  • Chocolate & Speculoos spices
  • Rose & Raw Cocoa Beans
  • With Spices

Our organic salty culinary preparation

We developed a nice range of original salted recipes that you can make at home without being a confirmed cooker.

All is in the bag. Simple and quick, you just have to add a little quantity of water and cook the preparation for about 20 minutes to make a delicious dish.

Our recipes are made from naturally gluten free legumes and cereals and are suitable for VEGANS.

We also created vegetarian mixes to make balls, an omelet, an Indian pancakes, a steak… Fast, healthy and easy to do, our blends are made with spices, vegetables and naturally gluten free legumes and cereals.

You just have to cook the preparation a few minutes in a stove.

Millet Risotto

  • Millet Risotto with flowers
  • Millet Risotto with orange
  • Rice Risotto with orange & Corsican citron

Recipes of the world

  • Bengali Dal
  • Punjabi kala chana curry
  • Biryani Rice
  • Balinese Rice
  • Indian Rice : Kerala
  • Moroccan Rice


  • Minestrone
  • Pumpkin Soup
  • Nepalese red lentil soup

Vegetarian blends to make veggie balls, omelet, Indian pancakes, steak…

  • Lebanese vegetable balls
  • Indian vegetable balls
  • Veggie scrambled omelette with vegetables

Our Organic Flavored salts

They bring a new, original and subtle touch to your salty and sweet dishes.

They are 100% natural.

They perfume, enhance and season all your dishes.

We work with French and foreign salt producers who have been selected according to their high quality of production.

Our organic gomasio

We offer you a range of original gomasio.

This Japanese condiment, composed of sesame seeds and salt, is flavored. It will find its place on all tables to decorate and give taste to your everyday dishes.

Flavors: Gomasio with herbs - Gomasio with turmeric and moringa - Gomasio with turmeric - Gomasio with Espelette pepper

Our organic & artisanal jam

Our jams are made in our workshop.

Our jams are made in a copper pots. Enjoy them at any time of the day.
They are cooked, in a 100% artisanal way, in copper pots with a maximum of 3 cm of fruit. They are 100% natural without preservatives or additives to preserve the authentic flavor of the ingredients used. We add a minimum of sugar to preserve the flavor of the fruit. All the ingredients are mixed and macerated for several hours before cooking.

Our range of jams will delight lovers of authentic products at any time of the day. Some recipes have been developed to accompany a slice of good bread, a pancake, an ice cream or a dessert, others to accompany foie gras, cheese, meat…

We only work with season fruits.
  • Citrus fruits and Speculoos

  • Apple & Hazelnuts

  • Orange & Ginger

  • Pear & Vanilla from Madagascar

  • Fig, Apple and Gingerbread Spices

  • Corsican Citron & Vanilla from Madagascar

Our organic spices for ayurvedic cuisine

We offer you unique spices that are used in traditional ayurvedic cuisine since the night of time in India.

We also developed spice blends and herbal teas for the three dosha.

Our organic raw superfood

We selected with great care raw superfood for their gustative quality and nutrient properties.

Our gourmet boxes

Our nice gourmet boxes for you to discover our spices and our salts.


Organic Bulk products

Our products are delivered in bulk in bags. Less packaging and less waste for A greener and more economical consumption.
Your customers will buy the quantity they want, they will no longer pay for unnecessary packaging so less waste.

Our tea boxes


Our WASHI tea boxes are hand-covered, one by one, in our workshop in South West France.

We selected Japanese paper (WASHI) with motifs inspired by Japan.

They all have a double lid to preserve the quality of your tea.

Our organic flavored vinegars

a selection of exceptional flavors

Harmonious marriage of cider vinegar and fruit pulp, spices, flowers, teas… to discover new flavors.

Our vinegars are cold-flavored so they preserve their benefits and their natural flavors.

We also developed a range of cider vinegar infused in tea and flavored with spices, flowers and fruit pulp.

With fruit pulp

Corsican pomelo & pink pepper

Corsican Clementine & Pepper

Lemon & Basil

Pear, nutmeg & cardamom


Pineapple & Seeds of Paradise

Corsican Citron & Rose Petals

Orange & Hibiscus

Green Tomato, Capucine & Green Pepper

With Tea


Darjeeling, Orange & Ginger

Assam & Raw chocolate with spices

Lupunde & Raw Peanuts

Oolong & tomato with herbs

Oolong, Espelette Pepper & Rose Petals

Wujuan, apple & pear with medieval spices

Yunnan, Fig & Pear with long pepper

With Spices


Cocktail of spices

Vanilla from Madagascar

With Saffron